Our Girls

HD Amazing Grace, aka "Gracie" is our chocolate female.  She is English/American, about 75 lbs, and a bundle of energy.  She is eager to please and true to the Labrador spirit, she loves water and playing fetch. Her genetic health index (GHI) is 110.


Spur Bell Black Beauty, aka "Beauty" is our black female.  She has the thick, stocky English build and weighs just over 80 lbs.  She is very affectionate and loves to be with people.  Beauty is very obedient and eager to please.  Her genetic health index  is 109.


Charger's Gold Biscuit, aka "Biscuit" is our yellow female.  She is English/American.  She is mellow and affectionate and loves water.  She would rather drink from the hose or sprinkler than a water bucket.  Biscuit weighs about 70 lbs.  Her genetic health index is 118.